Your soul
is a spark of God


‘Having controlled all the senses, one should abide in the state of meditation, having Me (Krishna) as the supreme goal.’
Bhagavad Gita


The more we direct our attention towards something, the more we attune to it. Using God as the focal point of our yoga and meditation helps us to discover our inner divinity. Because Divine connection is the true purpose of yoga.

On the path of living bhakti, yoga and meditation helps support your body and train your mind to prepare you to receive and sustain lasting realisation. Paramahamsa Vishwananda teaches various forms of meditation designed to help you focus on God and His Love.


Atma Kriya Yoga is absolutely unique. Although the techniques quiet the mind, the spiritual aim is to awaken the soul to its eternal relationship with God by cultivating various forms of bhakti: love and devotion.

As your practice deepens, divine qualities naturally begin to manifest: peace, self-control, strength, wisdom, humility, compassion, vitality, and more.

Through the grace of the Shaktipat Initiation, the techniques are simple enough for beginners to learn, yet powerful enough to carry even the most advanced meditators to new heights of divine connection.


OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants. In addition to the personal benefits we receive, OM Chanting can also be a service to humanity.

The vibrational waves created by the OM Chanting practise spreads out in a 2-kilometre radius, creating a harmonious, peaceful environment and a unity between humans and nature. The OM continues to resonate in participants’ bodies after the circle, allowing them to share the good vibrations wherever they go.


Babaji Surya Namaskar is a moving meditation which celebrates the divinity of the human body temple. This simple, yet powerful, asana (posture) practice takes less than 15 minutes a day and brings light and aliveness into your whole being.

As your daily practice takes root in the core of your body, thinking subsides, and your movements become a soft, conscious expression of your inner strength.

When the practice is done with love and awareness, every posture becomes a prayer of gratitude for life itself. Put your devotion into motion.


Chanting the Divine Names is one of the easiest meditation practices you can do. It’s especially meaningful when you turn every repetition into a heartfelt prayer. Although it’s deceptively simple, it can take you all the way to God!

Everyone can do it, anytime and anywhere, even children. It is perfect for beginners who want a simple, effective tool to quiet the mind and open the heart.

Project Mantra is a free program designed to help you establish and gradually build up a daily chanting practice over 40 days ‘challenge’.


Sit back and relax. In this video, Aksharananda, one of our Yoga & Meditation Teachers, briefly explains what meditation is and how it can help you get closer to God. He also guides you through two short meditations so you can experience it for yourself.